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Considering that each child has his own rhythm of learning and that this must be encouraged, the concept of this project is to develop a series of objects that help development in different stages of their growth.The family (parents, grandparents...) play an important role into childhood.

That is why the collection is based on the theme of unity and help among the members of the family and each sub-collection is designed and represents a family of animals: The Forest family and The Savannah family. Each character has a history behind it and some characteristics for the purpuses of humanisation.

The project focuses on a non-typical material for children’s products. Usually, we find in the market that children's products are made of plastic, rubber, fabric, wood... In other words, materials that are soft and resistant that the children can play with.

Here I include a material that the children are not familiar with but raises the importance of the product, endowing it with a delicate object for which they must care and be responsible but with which they can learn and play at the same time.